Exciting Times!

I’ve been posting to this blog for nearly a decade, through good times and not so good, charting the development of Bustle & Sew, sewing, dogs (and also now a cat), new  babies, house moves and more.  And now we’re entering particularly exciting times….

Just over a week ago now little Rufus joined the team here at Bustle & Sew HQ, the latest in a long line of dogs stretching back to the beginning of this blog and beyond.  Rufus (who would have been called Shepton Wagtail if the children had got their own way) is a cute little Labrador puppy who has such a joy in life, and thinks absolutely everyone loves him.  We all do of course, except the one he’s chosen to be his BFF….

Yes, he’s fallen in love with Inca the cat!  I’m afraid his love is doomed to be unrequited as she will tolerate him, but is by no means enamoured of his antics.  He follows her everywhere and has been swiped across his importunate puppy nose more than once, but he simply refuses to give up!

However Rufus is not the only one in love here at Bustle & Sew HQ….

Because, on Saturday evening, in front of the beautiful facade of Wells Cathedral I received a proposal of marriage (it was very romantic, he really did go down on one knee) from this wonderful man, whom I’ve been referring to in blog posts as the Engineer.  Of course I said yes, and we will be getting married next year.  I’ll be sure to keep you up to date with the preparations.  Having said that, I made nearly half a mile of bunting for Rosie’s wedding, which is something I certainly don’t intend to repeat for myself, so I’ll have to think of something else – ideas anyone?


Sandy Allen

Congratulations to you both! What exciting news!

Rufus is adorable. Hope Inca continues to “tolerate” him and maybe grow to like him. 🙂


Thanks Sandy, she is getting a bit better, but Daisy more than makes up for it, she absolutely adores him xx


Congratulations! May you both…or should I say all…be very happy!

Linda B. XX


Thank you – if Rufus stops stealing my floss I’m sure he will grow up to be very happy. If he doesn’t stop however……!!! (only joking, we love him to pieces xx)

linda schiffer

Oh, Major Congratulations! Wishing you both happiness together.

😉 Linda

Pam MacLennan

Oh Helen, how exciting and congratulations, firstly on the engagement, you lucky lady. The Engineer looks like quite a catch.
And secondly on the arrival of Rufus. What a little sweetie. How does Daisy feel about being a big sister?
Exciting times at your place.


Aw, thanks Pam, he is lovely! Rufus is very cute and Daisy adores him – she has become super maternal and loves to kiss and lick him all over! x


Hello Helen,

Many, many congratulations – I hope you and the “Engineer” will be very happy! Love the pics of Rufus and Inca but the adorable Miss Daisy will always be favourite.

Much love,
Diana (and Inky and Echo) xxx


Thank you Diana, you’re very kind. Daisy is a super-special girl, who absolutely LOVES Rufus – he spends an awful lot of time trying to escape from her super-soggy kisses! Love to you all xx

Valerie Vivas

Congratulations and blessings to you, Helen, and all! I love love stories and am looking forward to hearing all about how you met etc!! Best wishes to all!! XO


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