Giveaway Winner and a trip to Wells

First of all I would like to thank everyone who entered our giveaway, not only for entering, but also for sharing your stories about your mums.  It was a real privilege to be able to read them all, thank you so much.  I wish I could give everyone a prize, but sadly I have only one sample to give away.  So I worked the random number generator …

And am delighted to be able to announce the winner is number 19 – that’s Linda Schiffer.  I’ve emailed you already Linda, and thanks once again to everyone else.

As well as being a mum myself  I’m also a very proud (and still fairly new) grandma to little Freddie who’s now 14 months old – where has the time gone?!  I’m lucky to be able to spend a fair amount of time with him each week as he attends Grandma Daycare while his mum is busy working and we have so much fun together.  He loves to “assist” with Bustle & Sew photography sessions (it’s so important to position your bunnies just right Grandma) ….

And every Tuesday I take him to a very friendly – and fun – music for babies class in Wells.  This week we were a little early for our class, so I thought it would be lovely to take a stroll around the Bishop’s Palace gardens ….

These are beautifully kept, such a pleasure to walk around.  I’ve always visited in the summer before so haven’t really had a proper chance to appreciate the structure of the formal gardens ….

The gardeners had been busy, but I wonder if we were there at teabreak time as there was nobody to be seen, just their wheelbarrows and tools ….

And everywhere signs of the gardens coming back to life after the long dark months of winter ….

I could have lingered for much longer …..

But it was time for our class, and so we headed back through the gatehouse and over the bridge – where we saw a beautiful pair of swans.

They sailed majestically up to us – I rather think they were hoping that Freddie would drop some of his mid-morning snack into the water – but his chubby little fingers were clutching his rice cake VERY tightly indeed haha!!

We don’t have swans, but we do have Henrietta, Miss Matilda Gosling and Little Brown Bunny available as our new spring kits currently in stock.  I’ve just noticed Henrietta’s tail is slightly creased in the photo (oops!) and I think that might have been where my little helper clutched her just a bit too tightly!  Never mind, she’ll soon straighten out – and meanwhile you can find all our kits here in the Bustle & Sew store.


linda schiffer

Wow! Imagine my surprise when I saw my name as winner. 🙂 HOORAY! However, I did not get an email from you. (Yes, checked my spam folder, too)

Try again? I can’t seem to find an email address for you (stupid user error no doubt:)



Oh dear, so sorry Linda, wonder what happened to it? But not to worry, I received your email and will be posting your prize tomorrow xx

Glenna D.

I enjoyed seeing the gardens with you, spring is such a nice time of year. And I really like you spring menagerie, such fun!


Aw, thanks so much Glenna. Yes spring is a lovely time – I’m always glad when January and February are behind me and the days begin to lengthen again. xx


Ooo thank you for the beautiful pictures! Did you know, swans mate for life?! Love that!


So romantic …. and I didn’t know either until the nice lady on duty at the gate told me that the way to tell male and female apart is that the male has a larger knobbly black bit on his beak! xx


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