Going away is lovely, but….

Going away on holiday is lovely, but it’s nice to be back home for a while.  While I was away Daisy went to stay with a lovely lady in the next village who looks after dogs in her own home – no trip to kennels for my pampered puppy princess!  She had an amazing time with lots of walks, cuddles and other doggy friends, though she was very pleased to see us on our return – and, totally worn out by her adventures, has slept for most of the past week.

Her favourite spot for snoozing is under the table in my gazebo, and here the sleepy-head has just emerged, blinking, from the cool shade…..

With just a single thought in her head….

Daisy the Newfoundland dog

Is it teatime yet Mum?!

She’s awake now though, and looking forward to more excitement over the coming weeks, while I’ve been busy with the first projects for the August Bustle & Sew Magazine….

Including these three.  I am particularly taken with the little Party Hamster, seen below with his best friend the embroidered bunny from the July issue….

Very silly, I know!  Anyway, the little Party Hamster will be in the August Magazine that’s published on Thursday 26th.  Meanwhile, don’t forget that our Summer Special offer for one year of the Bustle & Sew Magazine is still running….

Just CLICK HERE to find out more and purchase xx


Hi Helen,

Glad to hear you had such a good holiday – you work hard and deserve a break. Corfu certainly looks beautiful.

I love the photos of Miss.Daisy – I know I keep saying it but she IS adorable!

Your little felt creatures are so sweet too. Oh, for more time!

Love to you all,
Diana, Inky and Echo. xxxxxxx


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