Grandma Daycare and a Farewell

Over the past nearly six years I’ve been super-lucky to be involved in the lives of my two grandchildren, Freddie and Florence.  Indeed, Freddie’s imminent arrival was one of the main reasons I moved to Somerset from Devon as I wanted to be a hands-on grandma -or Rara as I am now known.  I never expected to be a Rara (am I the only one I wonder?) but when he was learning to talk this was Freddie’s best attempt at grandma – and somehow it stuck!  I must admit I rather like it, though it did used to cause confusion at nursery when he would tell the somewhat bemused staff that no, not his grandma, but his RARA was coming to collect him!

Now Freddie is at school of course, and Florence comes to me once or twice a week for grandma daycare.  She is particularly loving conker season this year – leaping out of the car and heading off down our path to see how many she can find (we have two large horse chestnut trees in our garden)….

She then carefully stores them all in the front pocket of her backpack and takes them home where I’m not quite sure what happens to them.  I know they’re supposed to be good to deter spiders – and Rosie loathes spiders so I’m imagining that they’re all lined up along the windowsills – I must check next time I’m over there!

Which brings me to the “farewell” part of this post.  As the children are older now, Rosie has decided to return to her career and so left Bustle & Sew at the end of September.  It’s been wonderful to work with her over the last seven years, and I will miss her very much (though she has promised to help out with the social media side of things still).  She has brought so much to the company and so I’d like to thank her for all her input and wish her well in her new job.

Meanwhile, the magazine will continue to be published just as usual and I do hope you enjoy this month’s edition.  If you are a subscriber you should have received your copy by now – if not please do let me know.  If you’re not a subscriber and would like to learn more then please just CLICK HERE to visit the magazine page.


Lindsey woodward

Hi haven’t received this months but no money taken either so unsure if I have to renew annually?
If so would like to continue.


Hi Linsey, thanks for asking – yes if you wish to continue then you will need to renew. xx


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