Have yourself a merry little Stitchmas…

Just as the weather has turned a little bit sunnier and warmer here in England, it’s time to think about Christmas stitching!  I know that nobody really wants to think about Christmas during the summer months, but as all serious (and well-organised!) makers know, if you’re going to gift beautiful handmade presents for Christmas, or decorate your home with lovely seasonal items you’ve made yourself, then you need to start preparing now!

This year, just for a change, I’ve decided to hold the annual Bustle & Sew Christmas in July sale over on our Etsy store where absolutely everything is reduced by 30%.  You don’t need a coupon, the prices are already reduced for you, so please do pop over and take a look.

This week saw the last-ever session of Grandma Daycare here at Station House as Florence will be starting school in September.  It’s been lovely to have these special times with both Freddie and Florence over the last seven (can you believe it, seven whole years), but now the toy chest has been emptied of all the toddler and pre-school toys – ready for new supplies of pens, paper, stickers and other craft items when they visit for Grandma Holiday Club and Grandma Night Stay.

On her last daycare afternoon with me I asked Florence what she’d like to do – and the answer was very surprising: “I’d like to pod the beans please!”  So she did….

Florence shelling beans for Christmas
When she’d finished, she “helped” blanch them and then labelled the freezer container with her name (which she’s just learned to write at nursery school) and added a few Christmas trees to show that “her” beans were the special ones to be served at Christmas lunch. Seems she’s also thinking ahead!

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