Having a Smashing Time!

The lead up to Christmas is always a busy and exciting time – and even more so this year as we’re celebrating Freddie’s first birthday.  Now I must admit I am a bit behind the times when it comes to children’s birthday celebrations as it’s a VERY long time ago that Rosie turned one – back in 1990!  So I was very intrigued when Rosie mentioned her idea of a cake smash and, after discovering what it was all about, was super-impressed with her bravery at wanting to hold Freddie’s in her own home!!  The idea is that you place the one year old in front of a large sticky cake and record what happens.  I was nominated to make the cake and on the day we carefully placed it in front of young Freddie …..


Ready for the fun to commence!  But …. it turned out that Freddie doesn’t actually like cake very much unlike his mum and grandma!!  He prodded it very delicately, licked the icing from his fingers and then set off in pursuit of his party balloons instead!  It was still loads of fun though Miss Tilly ate more cake than he did.  She is such a mischievous little goldendoodle – though you wouldn’t think so from this photo ….


It’s hard to believe that sweet looking little dog would jump up to the kitchen work surface, then steal and consume a very large amount of Freddie’s cake.  Fortunately she didn’t suffer any ill-effects but has been very sulky all week, having been put on an instant diet much to her disgust!  I just hope she doesn’t give the Newfies any ideas about counter-surfing,  as they would have no difficulty in reaching unattended food, especially Ben, though luckily he (unlike Tilly on this occasion) is a VERY GOOD dog!


How funny, although I’m glad the birthday cake didn’t make Tilly ill. My husband made a snickers cake once, then went in to take a nap. Our English Springer Spaniel ate the entire cake. I never saw it and he would not bake another. Happily, our Abby did not get ill, either, but Bill sure was mad!


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