Having fun in the sun!

It’s been a little quiet at Bustle & Sew HQ for the last week.  Normally the Newfies would be bustling around full of busy-ness and importance and Rosie would be busy at her keyboard while Freddie and I sort through flosses and fabrics ready to begin a new project.  But for the last week the only sound to be heard has been the loud ticking of George, my grandfather clock.

This is because …..


We’ve been on our holidays!!  The Newfies (and Tilly) headed off to some lovely new kennels highly recommended by their friends Bentley and Merlin the spaniels, while us humans flew off to Majorca.  The sky was blue (although the sea wasn’t very warm) and we had a wonderful time!  There were plenty of opportunities to sample cool drinks (and delicious food) at pavement cafes ….


My favourite is fresh orange juice – somehow it’s never quite the same in this country….


We visited the weekly market in Puerto Pollensa town square ….market-fruit

Wonderful fruit and vegetables and delicious cheeses too ….


I adore olives ….


Rosie and Dan aren’t so keen, but I don’t care cos that means there’s MORE FOR ME HAHA!!  Walks along the sea front were definitely needed to burn off all those calories …


You can see one of the locations used in last year’s TV series “The Night Manager” from the sea front – it is the most expensive property in Spain, recently selling for 40 million euros!!


The days flew past, and all to soon it was time to return home again.  But not before fitting in one last trip to the beach ….


Much to the delight of our youngest team member!


Julie Caisey

Looks like you had the most wonderful time. Look at those wonderful tasty olives.

Julie xxxxxxx


Lovely photos, I especially like the ones of you, and the one of your grandson on the beach, and the marina. I envy you enjoying your trip. We don’t take vacations anymore due to health problems. You needed that vacation cause you work so hard on your newsletters.


Thanks Joan, we had a lovely time. Yes I do work hard, but I love every minute, so it doesn’t feel like work at all really xx

Jackie hockley

Looks lovely better than the floods we are having here. No power for 8 hours very cold.would have loved to have been over there hope you had a good time enjoy reading your newsletter jackie????


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