I’m so excited … and I just can’t hide it!!

Today’s the day – the day that we complete the purchase of our new home next to the East Somerset Heritage Railway.  We’re out in the open countryside, and will have steam trains chugging past our windows two or three days each week.  There’s a large (though currently rather overgrown) garden for Daisy and Rufus to play in, and I’m so looking forward to unpacking my workroom and organising all my fabric and notions on a whole set of new shelves.  Everything apart from the bare essentials has been in storage for months, so it will feel like all my Christmases have come at once!

I have still been busy though – and have already completed the November edition of the Bustle & Sew Magazine that will be sent out to subscribers next week…

And I’m thinking of offering the Little Fox Decoration as a limited edition kit in the run up to Christmas.  She’s designed as a Christmas tree decoration, but would, I think, also make a great lavender sachet to keep those pesky moths away from your woollies.  She’s made from felt and stitched entirely by hand so would be a good project for beginners and nimble fingered slightly older children.  More details to follow once we’re settled in Station House!

Anyway, I must head off and finish packing the last few boxes – and persuade Inca that it’s nearly time to enter her travelling box (yes, I can hear you say, good luck with that!) – and my next post will be from Station House once the internet is connected.  Wish me luck!!


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Best of luck in your new home! It sounds like such fun to have the steam trains so close by and a real adventure for Inca,Daisy and Rufus!
Linda X


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