It’s been a while….

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been inspired to write here – and what a strange, unsettling time it has been.  So much has happened (and not happened) and all of it overshadowed by the Coronavirus pandemic that’s spread across the world.  Here at Bustle & Sew life has been very quiet as we’ve all been observing the lockdown regulations.  There were no visits from friends and family, though we have acquired a new team member – young Ted who joined us (via pet courier) just a few days after lockdown commenced….

The next generation! Daisy and Ted

Here he is just a couple of weeks after joining us – a fluffy little bundle of cuteness, who has grown as fast as Newfies do (he has more than trebled in size in two months) and who is now nearly as large as big brother Rufus….

The terrible trio

And is catching up with Daisy quickly too….

Daisy and a rather damp Ted!

So lovely to have two Newfies together again – the above picture takes me back to a gloriously warm and sunny afternoon in Devon, when Daisy was still a youngster who followed her big brother Ben everywhere, copying everything he did (not always a good thing!)

Daisy & Ben

Our wedding was of course postponed.  We should have been married on April 18, and I was hoping to have pictures to share with you, but as yet we have no idea when weddings will be able to take place again here in England.  There was no planned honeymoon to India, no christening for Florence and a host of other cancelled events over the last few months – it has indeed been a strangely quiet – and disquieting time.

There has been plenty of stitching going on – and lots of kits posted, though sadly quite a few went missing in the post.  Following customer feedback, I have now relaunched a small selection of kits, this time including embroidery hoops.  Everything will be sent tracked for the foreseeable future as the post can be a bit hit and miss right now.   The kits currently in stock are:

These can be purchased through our Etsy Shop and I will be adding to the range over the coming weeks.

We stayed safe wip

And finally, I’ve been working on a new project for the July edition of the Bustle & Sew Magazine using the rainbows displayed in windows and on gates and doors across the village, drawn by children and supporting the NHS as my inspiration.  I hope that by the time the July Magazine is published we will be coming out of the other side of this pandemic and most of us at least will be able to say that yes, all the hard work, sacrifices, disruption and difficulties we’ve experienced were all worth while as we did indeed stay safe.

Stay safe little bear is also available in our Etsy shop, and I hope he’ll help young children understand that though masks may seem a little scary, there are lots of friendly faces behind them.






Linda B.

So nice to hear from you and warm hugs to young Ted! I love your new Stay Safe Little Bear. It’s a wonderful tool for little ones who must feel confused and alarmed by all the masks and very thoughtful of you to think of it. I must admit to feeling a little unsettled myself. I’m very happy you’re all doing well!
Stay safe!
Linda B. XX


That’s very kind, thanks so much Linda and I hope you and yours are all doing well too xx

Maisie Fox

I am new to your site and am so pleased to have found you. I am sorting fabric to make Flora & have bought 3 other patterns from you on Etsy (Sleepy Fox, Blossom Bear & Christmas gift tags, should keep me occupied for a while. So many other lovely items. I hope you and yours all keep well & am looking forward to your newsletters. Maisie/Maggie


OMG.I just ador those doggies.Loving the stitching too.Didn’t know you were getting married.Of couse you are married by now.Congratulations and hope it all went well.


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