It’s the Silly Season for Newfies!

Yes, the silly season has well and truly arrived here at Bustle & Sew HQ!  Although in all fairness, it has to be said that life with two Newfies is generally silly for quite a lot of the time or, as my mum used to say,  “I had to laugh or I would’ve cried”.

The sun has finally made an appearance over the last couple of days, and I’ve been able to get out in the garden a little – and admire those flowers that haven’t been totally squashed by the rain!  My clematis is looking rather nice (thanks to Dan for reinforcing my wobbly obelisk – which had become that way as Ben liked to push and rub against it)….


And the collection of pots at the top of the steps is also looking very pretty.  Pots work well for me as it’s harder for the Newfies to squash my plants with their big clumsy paws ….


And while I was wandering around taking photos, the ever-effervescent Miss Daisy came out to pose (she’s becoming rather vain) ….


But can you see – there’s something odd about her left ear!  Inspired by the sunshine, as well as pottering in my garden, I decided to touch up some of my paintwork.  Daisy does so love to be involved in everything that’s happening, so had clearly taken it upon herself to inspect my handiwork ….


Ben couldn’t quite believe what he was seeing and had to circle right around her to check out her new body art!


Look at that face!  Look at that body!  She is obviously VERY pleased with herself and doesn’t care one bit about all the black fur clinging to my newly painted wall!


Ben is distancing himself from the whole sorry affair!  Yes – the silly season has definitely arrived here in Oakhill – goodness knows what the terrible twosome will get up to next!  (PS yes, that is Newfie-proof fencing around my borders!  Ben loves to push against the wire and test for weak points.  Last time he broke through I lost six alliums, two lilies and half a bush of mint as he trampled across them!).


Haha – but what she doesn’t know is that it’s time for their monthly visit to the groomers this week – she won’t be showing off her newly painted fur for very long!!


Ben you naughty newfie, flowers are form making the garden look pretty. Didn’t Ben want any body-art………? Its a very pretty colour

Julie xxxxxxx


Don’t go giving him ideas Julie – his speciality is covering freshly painted walls with mud splatters!! xx


She is a total pest Jean – luckily for her she’s very much loved!! xx

Glenna Denman

Oh, my! I wondered what I was seeing in the first Daisy photo, before you explained. She does look very pleased with herself, and Ben looks disgusted with the whole affair. What fun (when you are laughing, not crying, over their antics) and what company your newfies are! What beautiful clematis, so glad Ben hasn’t ruined them!


They are a proper pair of pickles, I know, but I wouldn’t be without them! xx


Apologies yet again, Helen, but I’m still laughing! What an adorable pest Miss.Daisy is! Our two GSD girls are black and can be very pesky (like the time Echo stole and ate a whole coffee and walnut cake when I took my eyes off it for a minute!), but extremely endearing at the same time just like Miss Daisy and Ben – do you think there’s “something” about black dogs? Ha, Ha.

Love to you all,
Diana, and our pesky pair.


Haha! What a naughty girl she is!! Ben only did that once – he removed a whole chicken from the work surface in the kitchen when he was young . But the consequences were so severe (I scolded him, told him I was deeply disappointed in his behaviour and was seriously considering rehoming him) that he has never stolen like that again. Love to you all as well xx


Thanks Baa – and they are both very much loved in spite of their mischievous ways. xx


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