Living in Narnia?

Today when I drew my bedroom curtains and looked out of the window I felt very much as though I was living in Narnia, as we first see it in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – a land where it is “winter, always winter and never Christmas!”  My bedroom was filled with a clear bright light and outside the garden was once again covered in a thick layer of snow.  Though I must admit that initially I didn’t particularly feel like going outside to have fun, I was soon persuaded by Miss Daisy and Tilly that this was where we needed to be!  We passed the sloping field behind the village school where there were squeals and shrieks of laughter from families, who thought they’d put their toboggans away for good this winter, who were speeding down the snow-covered hill and tumbling into heaps at the bottom.  Then we turned into the playing field and I could finally let the dogs off their leads….

They ran and jumped and twirled while Tilly barked and Daisy rolled and rolled, covering herself in the fine powdery snow..

Such happiness!  And so lovely to see Daisy has completely regained her “sparkle” – she was so subdued after we lost Ben.

But I think the big fellow would have approved of their antics today!  Even so we couldn’t stay outside for ever – after about an hour my toes were freezing and Tilly’s legs were covered with balls of ice so it was definitely time to return home.  Now I’ve lit the wood burner and the silly pair are both snoring gently as I type.

And finally, winter may have returned to Somerset (hopefully only temporarily) but as promised last week I’ve just listed my Spring Lamb kits at a special pre-order price of just $12.60 (£9) – a 10% reduction on the normal price. They’re available to order now, and we’ll be posting them out at the end of the month.  Just CLICK HERE to find out more.

Update: apologies Spring Lamb kits are now sold out. I’ll be sure to let you know when we have more in stock.


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