A lovely end to 2017

Overall 2017 was a most enjoyable year and though December hasn’t been the best of months overall, today was a VERY GOOD DAY.  The sun was shining so the whole family headed off down to the beach at Burnham on Sea to blow away the Christmas cobwebs.  There was plenty of fresh air(!) and Freddie discovered the delights of drawing on the sand – I remember doing very much the same – pictures and scribbles as a youngster, then later on, special secret messages – some things never change…..

It was lovely to see Daisy looking so much more cheerful as she and Tilly played silly doggy games on the sands …..

Though I must admit to feeling a bit topsy-turvey as last week the naughty pair were playing their silly  games in the snow!!

Goodness knows what the weather will have in store for us next week!  I did hear that some of the Arctic conditions currently being experienced by our north American friends might be heading our way, though I hope temperatures don’t drop to the record lows experienced on the other side of the Atlantic!

So that’s farewell to 2017 with all its highs and lows … and tomorrow hello to 2018 …. which starts in style – watch out for tomorrow’s post!




Pam MacLennan

Happy New Year Helen,

Sorry to hear you have been so sick – hopefully you’re well on the mend now.
We are experiencing warm temps here in NZ. We live just north of Auckland in the North Island and while it has been very warm we’ve also had a few downpours – something we desperately needed for the farm.
Looking forward to lots of your wonderful patterns this new year and also to hear about the antics of Daisy (Freddie and Tilly too).
All the very best,


Much better now thanks Pam! Lovely to hear from you and a very happy new year to you and yours too xxx


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