Loving our Coastal Issue!

There are times, especially during the summer months when, although I love living where I do now, I  miss living by the sea.  I used to enjoy rising early on clear sunny mornings and heading down to the beach with Daisy and Ben before anybody else was around.  So this month I’ve been satisfying my urge to head to the ocean with a selection of coastal themed designs for the July Magazine.  There’s the Friendly Fisherman…..

Nautical bookmarks…..

And, perhaps my favourite, my Puffin Storage Hoop…..

I’ve also included my first Christmas design this year plus two more patterns, recipes, hints and tips and much more besides and I do hope you’ll like it.  The July Magazine will be arriving in subscribers’ inboxes on Thursday, after which it will be available to purchase as an individual issue.  If you’d like to learn more about subscriptions then please do CLICK HERE to visit our magazine page.

And finally… thanks to everyone who sent good wishes for Miss Daisy’s speedy recovery.  I am pleased to be able to report that she seems to have turned a corner and is beginning to feel much more like herself again!  We’re very glad to have you back Daisy!


Linda B. from Maine

Wonderful news, Helen, and thanks for letting us know that Daisy’s on the mend! Such a sweet face!

Being a fan of the ocean and living about 30 miles from the first wave, I love your coastal theme and look forward to Thursday!

XX Linda


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