Meet Alfie, our new family member

He’s home!   Meet Alfie, our new little family member.  He’s a Jack Russell Terrier (hushed whisper – I think I have seen one or two rather large members of the rodent family scoping out our bird table and am hoping he will prove to be a great deterrent) who is just 15 weeks old.

He’s settling in very well – Ted and him just play and play and play – it’s so comical to watch.  I will try to film them for you, but somehow I never seem to have my phone to hand when needed.  And then, when play is over, your biggest brother makes the best, most comfiest bed….

And even Rufus, who was a bit more stand-offish to begin with, has decided that the little fellow is ok to share with him…..

Can you spot there are actually THREE dogs in this photo?  Yes, that strange black furry shape outside on the patio is in fact Ted, who like all Newfies would much rather be outside keeping cool than indoors by the lovely warm woodburner!

Amidst all this excitement I’ve been trying to get on with some work, but have lost at least one wooden reel loaded with floss to that sneaky young terrier with the needle-sharp teeth!  My Christmas Deer hoop is taking shape though and will be included in the December Magazine…

It’s actually stitched on a dusty pink linen, but you can’t really tell because of the soluble transfer sheet.  Working on my laptop isn’t a straightforward alternative either – I went to make myself a cup of tea and returned to this sight….

More training needed I think!


Alfie is Perfect. We have owned JRT’s for years. You are in for a wonderful surprise. Our last little girl ( She’s 15) is the only one left. She also is getting more deaf and blind. But she is loving life. We will honor her to the very end. Enjoy your new puppy. Love your hoops. 🧡 Cara


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