Merry Christmas Everyone!

We made it through the longest night …. and a cold, frosty night it was too here with a bright cold moon casting long black shadows across the landscape.  But a clear frosty night is usually followed by a beautiful dawn, and the colours in the sky this morning were wonderful…

The first image looks towards the dawn, and is (in Ted’s opinion anyway!) enhanced by the addition of a rather handsome Newfy posing madly on the patio.  Like almost all Newfies, he loves the colder weather and it’s hard to get him to come inside sometimes – though a tasty dog treat usually does the trick!  The second is taken facing the other side of our garden and in the distance you can see St Bartholomew’s Church where we were married earlier this year.

But for now, with only a few days to go until The Big Day, I’d like to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.  I won’t wish you a happy New Year just yet as I’ll be back before then with an update on the January Bustle & Sew Magazine and the return of our annual Big Back Issue Sale.


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