Miss Daisy does her best!

It’s that time of year again – yes, the dreaded exam season is upon us.  I remember when Rosie was very young she used to worry about exams and that her results would be disappointing (I don’t know why she thought this).  Anyway, I used to reassure her by telling her there was no need to worry, I would never be disappointed as long as she had done her best – cos after all you can’t do better than your best!  And so, for everyone taking exams this summer – and for those who aren’t as well, I have included this cross stitch design in the June magazine (out next week) ….

Do Your Best

I didn’t use waste canvas this time – simply printed the cross stitches onto Sulky Sticky Fabri Solvy and then worked the text onto a vintage fabric doily I picked up at the Frome Vintage Market last month.  Then I mounted it onto some modern fabric – Grid in Pink from the Nordic Design Studio  with tiny stitches in white thread and I’m pleased with how it turned out.  I am going to try to take some better pictures though – it’s quite a pale piece and we’ve had bright sunlight here all day (yippee!!) which made it hard to photograph.

But how, you may be asking yourself, did Daisy do her best today?  After all it’s not as though she is going to be taking exams any time soon.   It was after this morning’s dog walk.  Imagine the scene… we were all invited round to friends for a nice cup of tea in their garden as Ben and Daisy are great friends with their two dogs.  They made us very welcome and soon I was sitting in the sun with a nice cuppa, while Ben was being a VERY GOOD DOG and lying quietly in the shade.  Was Daisy being good meanwhile?  I am sure you know the answer which is – oh no – of course not.  While we were drinking our tea and chatting Miss Daisy was doing her best to make a BIG SPLASH in their pond!  The first time she actually fell in (typical Daisy) ….


And here she is, looking a bit bewildered and wondering what has happened!


We hauled her out and rinsed her off – she was COVERED in duckweed and smelly mud.  Then we made our big mistake – we momentarily let go of her collar.  She charged off – sprang into the air – and landed right in the middle of the pond (on purpose this time) with the most enormous SPLASH!!


And she is doing her best mud-monster impression!  What a BAD DOG she was!  She looked so pleased with herself and even the promise of a session with the hated dog blaster when we got home couldn’t wipe the smile off her face.  There’s always one I know – but why is it ALWAYS Daisy?!?!?


Awww!! She looks so happy wallowing about! Well, at least she’ll wash. And she’s cute.


She was VERY happy indeed Leigh – until the scary dog blaster came out for just her – while the GOOD Ben watched with great amusement! xx


I’m laughing out loud! Oh Miss Daisy! She definitely looks like she’s enjoying herself! What a cute little scamp! Adorable! And obviously, never a dull moment when she’s around! She is hilarious! Thank you for sharing…and the good laugh, made my day! Perfect photo too!


It is a very good thing she is loved Valerie – she is so mischievous! She is very loving though, perhaps a bit too much last night as she was still a little damp and smelly. xx


Oh dear! Daisy that was very naughty of you especially going in on purpose for the second time! Was there a third time or was Daisy taken home in disgrace…..?
Julie xxxxxxxxx


She was tied to a bench Julie – and that is a whole other story – when we got up to leave, so did Daisy and so, of course, did the bench! And the faster she went, the faster the bench went of course until it became wedged against a tree and she had to stop!

Pam MacLennan

Oh Helen I’m sure you couldn’t be mad at her for long, look at that face, absolutely priceless.
On our walk around the farm this morning, my WHITE mastiff/greyhound X decided he had an itch that just needed scratching – in several cow pats!!! Needless to say one side of him is now a funny shade of greeny brown and not at all nice smelling. There were no hugs after that!


Haha how horrid! What is it about our furry friends and unpleasant smells I wonder! The newfies come back smelling wonderful from our lovely groomer – but sulk around very unhappily until the first chance to roll in something nasty restores their good humour. xx


Sorry Helen, I’m laughing at Miss. Daisy’s antics again but, after all, she was only “doing her best” – at being muddy! Ha, Ha! (I’m sure Ben was secretly laughing, too.) If it’s any consolation, our two (Inky and Echo) have no hesitation in leaping into muddy ditches, ponds etc. but are not nearly as keen on the clean water from the hosepipe when it comes to washing the mud off!

Diana. xx


I know Diana, and foolishly I let Daisy go to bed slightly damp. This morning there was a lovely dusty silhouette where she’d been lying – clearly I hadn’t got all the mud out and it had dropped off in the night. A good session with the slicker brush removed the rest this morning though. xx


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