My Little Valentine!

It’s been a while since I received a Valentine’s card … but this year I am in luck!!  I have a new little Valentine who is all of (nearly) fourteen months old, has a mop of dark blond hair and calls me Anmar (his attempt at Grandma).  Yes, my little grandson Freddie sent me a lovely Valentine card that he had made (with a lot of help from his mum!)   First Rosie supervised him doing some painting …..

IMG_8820It looks like a murder has taken place(!) but it’s really only red paint.  Rosie tells me she sat him in the bath for this activity – very wisely in my opinion – and the bath itself remained a lovely shade of pale pink for several days afterwards.  Once the painting was finished and dry, then Rosie punched out lots of heart shapes to form the design on my card which Freddie was then able to “sign”….

DSC_0004 (2)

And here it is, surrounded by one or two of Freddie’s favourite Grandma house toys.  I shall definitely be keeping this in my box of treasures, and am hoping for an Easter version too – such a lovely idea and my best Valentine’s card EVER!!  Thanks so much Freddie and Rosie!


Julie Caisey

That’s lovely.

I collect the Christmas Cards my grandchildren make at school. I have a little treasure box too

Julie xxxxxx


Oh how creative! And what a fun mum Rosie is! Love it! Framing and hanging your kids’ and grandkids’ artwork is a wonderful forever idea too!


She’s a great mum! And yes, you’re right, when he’s a bit older I’m looking forward to displaying his artwork xx


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