Naughty Auntie Ruby!

Oh my goodness, I don’t think it’s stopped raining for more than half an hour at a time since I blogged last week!  We have had a succession of dreary grey days – though I think there must have been at least some sunshine (which was so fleeting I seem to have forgotten all about it), when the railway were taking some pictures of their tracks with a drone.

One of the pictures included a lovely aerial shot of our house…

It’s a little blurry, but you can quite clearly see the Engineer’s greenhouse at the side (his pride and joy) as well as my blue shed at the back.  At the front is the porch where we love to sit and watch the trains on sunny days, waving enthusiastically to all the happy children as the engine pulls out of the station. And it might have been on the same day that I took the picture below…

Of Ted, Auntie Ruby and Rufus, hoping to persuade us to part with some tasty titbits as we enjoy our morning tea and biscuits on the patio (Alfie was probably under the table!).

I regret to say however, that in spite of reaching the age of six, when a Newfie should have learned how to behave with dignity and decorum, that Ruby is really rather naughty!  She is very bossy and self-opinionated, but worse than this – she is a THIEF!!  So far her haul includes: half a freshly baked loaf of bread, two sausages, one complete Bakewell tart intended to serve six people, several biscuits and a swede. (the root vegetable)

We are learning to be vigilant when she is around, but what really worries me is that Rufus, who is also very greedy, is watching and learning……..

But still, in spite of all the rain, the year is turning and spring is definitely in the air. January is behind us now and we are well into February.  There are lambs in the fields and a few early daffodils in some of the more sheltered village gardens.  The above photo is of my countryside wheel of the year project of course, moving from late winter into early spring. I really wish I could stitch this all over again, I enjoyed it so much! I wondered if anyone who is currently working on it would like to send pictures as I’d love to see them and perhaps share them in the dedicated online resources area if you were happy for me to do that.

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