Nearly the seaside … and two new free collections

Goodness me, it’s an absolute scorcher today!  I’m so pleased my cottage has thick stone walls, small windows and tiled floors as it’s much easier to keep Ben and Daisy cool on days like today.  I have an electric fan on for them as well – though Daisy still hasn’t learned to lie a little further back – every time it rotates in her direction it ruffles her fur backwards, and from time to time makes her sneeze too – silly girl!!  It’s at times like this I do miss living by the sea, though I took the terrible twosome swimming yesterday and, with a little imagination, we could pretend we were walking along the path to the beach….

Though we were in fact walking across an area of rolling sandy heathland.  The Newfies, as always, were keen to get ahead – check out their summer “furstyles” ….

These may not be strictly in accordance with breed standards, but shorter fur on legs and tummies (and in Daisy’s case tail too) is much more comfortable and practical for the warmer months.  And at the end of the path, not the sea but water just the same – perfect for a cooling dip ….

Though the lake was rather shallow.  We’ve had very little rain here over the past few weeks and I think they’re standing on the bottom in this picture.  They had to go a little further out for some “proper” swimming!

And finally, while the dogs are sleeping peacefully, worn out by their excursion, I’ve been busy assembling two new Bustle & Sew collections – Tips for Stitchers and Home Comforts ….

Taken from past issues of the Bustle & Sew Magazine.  They’re free to download and you can find them over on our Free Patterns page.


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