New Year’s Resolutions


I don’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions, though January is usually a health-conscious sort of month for me after the over-indulgences of Christmas, but this year I have decided to make two stitching-related resolutions.  The first is, I think going to be easy to keep…


It is to learn – and use – a bigger variety of stitches.  Like many stitchers, I suspect, I tend to stick to those stitches I know will give a good effect – as well as being those I’m confident working without considering other options available to me.  The above picture is a good example of my resolution in practice! In the past I have mostly worked succulents in satin stitch, but last month I discovered (or rediscovered perhaps) basketweave stitch in my Stitching Bear hand embroidery tutorial (image at the top of this post) that appears in the January Bustle & Sew Magazine. I think it makes a very effective and interesting alternative to satin stitch, so I’ve decided to use it in a project I’m working on for the February issue – that carries a working title of “Rosie’s House Plants!”  But more of that in a future post.


My second resolution is going to be a little harder to keep I think – and that’s to try not to take on too much.  I have in the past tried to work on too many projects at once and found that not only did the quality of my work begin to suffer, but also that I simply wasn’t enjoying sewing any more.  I love creating for the Bustle & Sew Magazine, and find this to be just the right amount of stitching each month – but for someone who loves their needle as much as I do (and I’m sure lots of people reading this are just the same),  the temptation is always there to try to squeeze in even more if I possibly can.  So this is why I’d like to thank everyone for their kind comments about my January Bear (above), but in answer to the requests I’ve received, I’m very sorry but I’m afraid I can’t commit to a whole year of Bears at the moment.  I do have in mind a new collection of designs that I think will build into a full twelve month series.  They won’t all be bears though  – there will definitely be foxes (next project for my hoop!), bunnies and quite a lot of flowers too. The series is unlikely to be complete very soon as I want to take my time and really enjoy the process.  I’ll be sure to share updates as I make progress and will hopefully have them finished by the end of the year.


And finally – just a quick “heads up” that our new Spring pattern collection is now available to purchase.  It contains 20 of our prettiest designs carefully chosen from previous magazine issues grouped into three sections by technique – Embroidery, Applique and Softies. And scattered among the projects you’ll find lots of interesting reading, from Poetry Corner, to Easter Egg Hunting and even a little early jam-making!  Please just CLICK HERE to learn more and see a full preview.


I guess it depends on the resolution Julie, I think resolving not to take on too much will probably be a stress busting resolution!


Hi Helen,

I wholeheartedly agree with you about not taking on too much – if you do, it could easily become a “should, ought, must and have to” job which is definitely not want you want Bustle and Sew to be! It’s very important that you continue to enjoy Bustle and Sew as much as your readers. Also, last but not least, Ben and Miss.Daisy would be most unhappy with an overworked Mum! Lecture over – ha, ha.

Diana. xx


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