Oh Daisy (again!)

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you will already know that there is always one – and that one is ALWAYS Miss Daisy!  She really is the most clumsy, accident-prone dog I have ever owned – and now it turns out that she is also the least brave dog as well!

She doesn’t see very well and is permanently bewildered by the strip curtain I hang in front of the conservatory door in the summer to keep insects out.  She always pushes her snout through first, followed by her head and ears, which she waves around until she’s made a gap big enough to fit her round furry body through.  (Ben on the other hand just walks straight through)

But it’s Daisy’s ears – or her right ear in particular – that has caused the difficulty this month.  I noticed that it was slightly tender, and she was letting out little yelps when her ears were rubbed and tickled – usually a favourite gesture of affection.  So it was time to visit the vet.  I loaded her into the car and off we went.  The vet was a very nice young man – at least I thought so, and so indeed did Daisy until …. “HE STUCK SOMETHING IN MY EAR MUM!!!  HE IS HURTING ME!!! MUM…. MUM … SOMEBODY, ANYBODY …… HEEEELP MEEEE!!!!”

And what had he stuck in her ear?  I am embarrassed to say it was only his little light.  And then he confirmed she had a minor ear infection that could easily be treated with drops – and he put the first dose into her ear.  Well.  Brave is not a word I would use to describe Miss Daisy.  She squealed and squirmed, squeaked and screamed, and then when he was finished she shot under the table and refused to come out until it was time to go.  The worst thing was emerging from the treatment room into Reception where all the other pet owners, who couldn’t have failed to hear the dramatic calls of pain and distress (remember all he did was put some drops in her ear) looked at me very seriously, expecting I am sure to hear that she was badly injured – maybe even at death’s door!  I muttered “ear drops” as  we slunk past them to head homewards, and must admit I am not looking forward to returning next week to see if she is cured.  Oh Daisy!


Oh yes poor puppy! My “one” is my Beagle-Coonhound mix who I am at the vet for at least once a month!! I hope you don’t need to administer ear drops at home! My pup had an ear infection when he was young (he’s 5 now) and we had to give him ear drops twice a day for a week or two. We wound up having to use a soft muzzle on him when we did it because he definitely wasn’t having it. Fortunately I was still with my ex at the time because it took two if us to do the job! I hope I’m never faced with that again for sure! The good news is little Miss Daisy is on the mend now. My best to all.


They are funny about their ears, aren’t they? Luckily Daisy just runs for the nearest corner where she sits with her nose against the wall – I’m sure she thinks this means she’s invisible – as she can’t see me, then I can’t see her haha!!

Jean Clements

But she is soooo gourgeos you could forgive her anything. I love these stories you tell us about the Newfies


She is a proper little madam Jean, so bossy, poor old Ben has to do exactly as he’s told – but we do love her very much xx


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