Old Friends and Favourite Places … a weekend away

A while ago I received an invitation to my lovely ex-neighbour Julie’s birthday party.  Julie was my next door neighbour for more than a decade when I lived in Devon and, as I have been heard to say many times, she and her late husband, Nick were positively the best next-door neighbours I have ever had. So we packed Daisy and Tilly into the car and headed towards Devon on the A303.  The countryside and coastline were as beautiful as ever….

Above is Start Bay – where I often used to take Ben and Daisy for early morning swimming before anyone else was about.  The foxgloves are particularly plentiful this year…..

There were hundreds and hundreds of them, all the purple kind – up here we seem to have a much paler, pinkish variety.  But I was shocked to see the damage caused by the winter storms.  The main road between Kingsbridge and Dartmouth had been almost completely swept away….

You can see that this was a two-lane road – the dotted white lines disappearing onto the beach were actually down the middle of the road!  I have often driven along here and to see the damage caused was quite shocking.  I understand that there are plans to repair the road, but so far no work has started.  The weather was kind to us though, and there was even an opportunity to visit the beach at Mill Bay for the dogs to enjoy some swimming…..

Though the water was nowhere near warm enough even for paddling – in my opinion at least!



Paula Winsor

Hi Helen, yes you are right, the government has put money aside for the repair of ” the line” although work has yet to start. Only last year major sea defence work took place at Torcross but nothing seems to be able to hold back the sea during these huge storms. I just hope that the sea water will not breach the freshwater of the Ley on the other side of the road.

Glad you had a good weekend.


I feel sorry for the businesses along there too, the traffic was so much lighter and they will be losing so much passing trade. Hopefully work will begin soon xx

Susan Cook

You certainly had beautiful weather. Daisy seems to be in her element and enjoying it!


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