Only three sleeps to go …. Merry Christmas Everyone!

I can hardly believe that Christmas is almost upon us and that there are only three sleeps left to go until THE BIG DAY!!

Here at Bustle & Sew I’ve been really busy in the build-up to the festive period, finishing off the January Magazine so that it’s ready to send out to all our lovely subscribers on New Year’s Eve …..

Cover merged

As always there’s a mix of projects inside to enjoy as well as much more besides.  I’m so surprisingly well-organised this year that I’ve even started my first project for the February(!) issue ….


I’m working a little outside my comfort zone on this one, both in terms of my colour palette – no pinks this time – and choice of subject. Having just begun a series of dog faux taxidermy heads, I thought it would be only fair to include a design for cat lovers too and will post more pictures when it’s finished.

Meanwhile, I’ll be back again between Christmas and the New Year with a proper peek inside the forthcoming issue, as well as news of our annual back issue sale when we’ll be offering all back issues at a bargain price of just $1.50 each!   We only do this once a year, so watch out for the sale announcement coming next week.


And finally, all that now remains is to thank you all for your company over the last year and wish you all a very merry Christmas that’s hopefully a little less chaotic than the events unfolding in Jacqui’s lovely illustration of our three furry friends and their seasonal antics!



Pam MacLennan

Merry Christmas Helen, thanks for all your hard work in producing your magazines and patterns for us this year. Also for sharing your family (human and furry) with us all. It’s such a pleasure to be allowed into someones life like this.
All the best for 2016, yours will be especially exciting with Rosie and Dan’s Baby arriving. Hugs for the Furry Ones.


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