I know it’s true … I know you should measure twice and cut once.  I know this.  But even so … sometimes things do go just a bit wonky here at Bustle & Sew HQ where measuring and accuracy are concerned!  A couple of weeks ago I decided to use some of my prettiest vintage fabric to offer a Limited Edition Flora the Elephant kit.

I had, as I thought, plenty surplus that I could think of no immediate use for and it seemed such a shame just to keep it stored away. This fabric had been the curtains in my old workroom at Coombe Leigh which were much too large for my new windows here at The Cottage and so I planned to cut down and reuse some of it to make Roman blinds for my new workroom.  I did measure twice when deciding how much I needed to keep for this project – but sadly I clearly didn’t measure accurately – oops! – as when I came to make my second Roman blind (my workroom has two windows) I found I didn’t have sufficient floral fabric remaining.

Luckily I am a bit of a hoarder – no, that’s not true – I am a major hoarder when it comes to fabric – and I’d unpicked and saved the fabric from my old kitchen blind in Devon (again far too large for any of my windows here) ….

It’s a really nice pink check from Susie Watson, now discontinued.  And I wondered … would it look VERY odd to have different fabrics at my two workroom windows …

So that is what I did!  Maybe it is rather unusual(!), but I think it still looks pretty – and will in any case remind me to measure THREE times before cutting my fabric in future haha!!  That’s Daisy you can see in the corner of the first picture. She knows she isn’t allowed in my workroom, but unlike Ben, who is a very GOOD DOG, she just doesn’t care.  And the two little Floras – the cause of the fabric shortage(!) now sit happily in a basket on my workroom shelf, watching everything that happens below ….

Sadly I don’t have any more vintage fabric left for limited edition Flora kits, but there are still plenty of new Flora kits in the Bustle & Sew store – and we have an exciting new kit available for pre-order too ….

Yes, the Wilderness Bear is available as a kit – and we’re offering a pre-order discount too.  Just CLICK HERE to learn more.



Hi Helen, So glad its not just me that messes up. If i may add a comment about the 2nd blind. If at all possible. I would have added a floral fabric strip, either at the bottom, down the middle or each side. Just to tie the 2 blinds together.

Just a thought x kr reggie-ann


Thanks for the thought Peggie-Ann, but I think I’ll leave them now, I couldn’t face taking down and altering, perhaps a thought for the future xx


Thanks Ester, and they will remind me to take more care when measuring too!


Well, I think we’ve all been there. I know I have on more than one occasion. But, elephants never forget, so the Floras will remind you with a polite trumpet, I’m sure, to measure twice…
I’m so taken with the flowered fabric for the Floras that I mused about how much prettier it is than grey. How sad real elephants didn’t get the beautiful coloring of birds and flowers. Not even a set of lively spots.
Well now I fear I have offended WB, who actually looks quite smart in his grey suit and striking headband, and a face to melt the heart. All your menagerie is adorable.


Aw thanks that’s so kind and the thought of lots of floral elephants wandering around made me smile too!

Glenna D.

I really like that your two blinds are coordinating fabrics instead of the same. And I can relate to your not wanting to take the pink down and add a floral accent. I made roman shades for my sewing room and my husband’s hobby room in our “old” house and liked them so well I took them down and replaced them with plain fabrics when we moved. They take enough time that I wouldn’t normally want to take one down then replace it! I do love your Flora, and the new kits are almost as pretty as the original 🙂 All your softies are so clever. Thank you for them.


Aw, thanks so much Glenna – I think the blinds work as they’re not on the same wall – my workroom is a small room on the corner of the cottage with windows facing north and east. It can be chilly in the winter, but Daisy is always willing to come and snuggle up to my feet to keep me warm haha!!


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