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Phew!  I always breathe a big sigh of relief once the magazine is sent out each month.  I really enjoy putting it all together, but finalising everything, uploading it and then sending it to everyone is always a bit stressful.  Hopefully now everyone’s received their issue, but if you’re a subscriber and your magazine hasn’t arrived in your inbox, then please do let me know so I can investigate and make sure you receive your copy.  The weekend following publication is always a time to relax and have fun here at Bustle & Sew HQ, and on Saturday we decided to visit the zoo!

I have mixed feelings about zoos, I know they do valuable conservation work and certainly the animals at Bristol Zoo are very well looked after.  I know too that it’s a great way for children to learn about the diversity of life on this planet, but still I’m not totally comfortable with wild animals in captivity. Having said that, we did have a most enjoyable day.  Freddie was captivated by their rarest and most unusual animal – a DINOSAUR!!! And he very much enjoyed the lemurs too.  I think my favourite might have been the flamingos …

Loving those fluffy grey knock-kneed chicks in the middle of the picture, though the adults weren’t as pink as I expected them to be.  Today has been a quieter day, with a special walk for Daisy and Ben who were very good yesterday, waiting patiently at home while we were at the zoo.  We went to Beacon Wood, high up on the edge of the village overlooking the Somerset Levels ….

Such an amazing view!  My furry friends very much enjoyed their walk through the beech trees, though the bluebells are long finished now and nothing else grows in the deep shade of the tree canopy.  The bottom right hand picture is actually the view from my kitchen window – with another portion of my old kitchen blind from Coombe Leigh as a valance across the top disguising the old blind fittings left behind by the previous owners.  I do love to reuse fabric, though it makes me smile that each consecutive project gets smaller and smaller as more pieces have to be trimmed away!  Then finally – a chance to relax and recharge my batteries, ready for Grandma Daycare to reopen tomorrow …..

Sitting in my garden in the warm sunshine with a little stitching (yes, I’ve begun on the projects for the August Magazine already!) and totally ignoring that the border really needs weeding!  Happy days – and I hope you’ve had/are having a lovely weekend too!


Glenna D.

So pleased to see that Ben and Daisy got a nice walk for being so good while you were at the zoo. Flamingoes are more pink in their natural habitat because of their diet, which I think is shrimp, but whatever it is causes their pigment to become pink. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us!


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