Pride goes before a fall


Yes, I was proud.  The days are growing longer, there are daffodils (slightly squashed by Newfie paws) in the garden, and I thought I had made it through the winter without catching a cold.  But sadly this proved not to be the case – and the picture above accurately reflects the current situation at Bustle & Sew HQ.  Still, it’s a good excuse to light the woodburner, snuggle on the sofa and indulge in a little stitching.  It’s true – every cloud does have a silver lining!


Hi Helen,

So sorry to hear you’re not well – hope you feel much better very soon. I’m sure Ben and Miss.Daisy have already volunteered to keep you warm on the sofa!



Volunteered!! No – INSISTED!! You know what our pesky canine friends can be like haha! xx


You’re so right! Sometimes the slower pace of a cold is a blessing. Nevertheless, as they’re never much fun, I hope you feel better soon!
XX Linda


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