Reasons to be cheerful …

Some readers of a certain vintage may remember the group Ian Drury and the Blockheads way back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s – and one of their songs came to mind this morning as I opened my bedroom curtains and saw ….

giraffebunting 013

We had been promised cold days and sparkly sunshine by the weather forecasters, but as so often they were rather off the mark!  Never mind – back to Ian Drury, his hit “Reasons to be Cheerful .. one, two, three!”  – and my three very cheerful activities this morning.  Firstly – it’s not often you can wake up and say to yourself “Today’s the day I’m going to make a giraffe ….!”

giraffebunting 012a

Yes, it’s a cute little baby giraffe Nursery Wall Hanging for the February Bustle & Sew Magazine.  He’s turning out to be so much fun to stitch though as he’s over three feet tall, I’m working on him in sections.  I laid him out on the daybed in my spare room to photograph and while I was fussing around dropped my measuring tape which of course rolled under the bed.  Thinking all sorts of rude words to myself I wriggled under the bed and, as well as the tape, pulled out a box of ….. BUNTING!!!  Yes, I’d pushed it under there a little while ago – a box full of the bunting I made for Rosie and Dan’s wedding nearly two years ago now.  And this is my second reason to be cheerful …

giraffebunting 015

Everywhere looked a bit bare when the Christmas decorations came down – so there was plenty of room to hang one of the lengths of bunting!  I chose my favourite section, the one with the cheerful green parrot flag.  Together with the daffodils it’s really brightening up the kitchen.

And now my third reason to be cheerful – and it’s one that I hope will cheer others too – my Spring Bunny Hoop Kits are now available to order!
catetc 034As promised, there are two designs to choose from, Happy Easter and Hello Spring.  The actual bunny is printed onto the fabric, so there’s no fur to embroider, just some cheerful blossoms and cursive text.

I only have a small stock available at present, but if these run out, and you don’t mind waiting a couple of weeks, then please do place a back order which I’ll send to you as soon as my new supply of hoops arrives.  I have used DMC floss and the fabric is really nice to work on, I don’t believe in cutting corners and putting cheap supplies in my kits – I only include materials that I use myself.

You can find the Spring Bunny Kits in my store – please note that discount codes cannot be used for kits.


Gorgeous giraffe. Love the round pictures for spring.
Your bunting is lovely
Julie xxxxx


Oooooo thank you so much! Love the Spring Bunny! And can’t wait to see the completed giraffe–adorable!


Yes i remember Ian Drury and the Blockheads lol one of my favourite bands of that era and “reasons to be cheerful”. I think i should recite this to myself every morning when i wake up. x


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