So much going on…..

Oh my word – I had no idea it had been quite so long since I was last here!  Nearly two whole weeks – but such busy weeks.  I am now officially homeless – well not quite homeless of course, just moving into temporary accommodation for a few weeks.  After spending what seemed like an eternity packing boxes with all mine and Daisy’s possessions…..

Moving day finally arrived and I said a sad farewell to my little cottage on the edge of the village high up in the Mendip Hills….

I’ve had such happy times there – but now it’s time to move on – and I’m ready for my next adventure.  In the autumn the Engineer and I will be moving into our new home together, almost on the platform of a heritage steam railway….

And this will be pretty much the view from our windows – how exciting it will be!  . I think Daisy already sees herself as the resident station dog, meeting and greeting all the visitors, and graciously accepting ice creams from the admiring hoards (I’m afraid I’m going to have to disappoint her – she’s going to be far too busy supervising her new baby brother, as Rufus, the labrador pup, will be joining our family very soon indeed).

Working life at Bustle & Sew will go on pretty much as usual though, as I’m settled into a temporary workroom overlooking a beautiful rose garden – although at the moment the roses are looking a little sad as we’ve just had some heavy rain – the first for some weeks.  The only difficulty I’ve experienced over this period has been maintaining a supply of kits.  But now I’m all sorted out I’ve spent a couple of happy afternoons making up some new Rosie’s Houseplants Kits – and these are now available in our Etsy store.   Now it’s onto writing up the patterns for the August Magazine that’s out next week – lots to be getting on with!



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