So much happening here!

Phew!  It’s been a really busy week here at Bustle & Sew! First of all we ran out of dinosaur felt as we hadn’t expected quite so many people to want one of our kits.  But we’ve sorted everything out now and kits are back in stock – Dinosaurs, Unicorns and Pea Pod Pin Cushions too…..

Just CLICK HERE to find them all in-store now.  Then, once the felt crisis was resolved, there were lots of lovely pink parcels full of kits to be posted.  As this was Freddie’s Jolly Babies Music Class day he and I headed off to the Post Office in Wells.  Amazingly there was no queue at all (though the post office lady’s face was a picture when in answer to her question “What’s in your packet please?” I responded “Dinosaurs and Unicorns!”). This meant that after safely dispatching all the orders we had a little time to spare and were able to visit the Cathedral…..

It’s a huge square building – no spire for this Cathedral and in front there is a beautifully-kept Green surrounded by the prettiest houses.  You enter the Cathedral itself through the Cloisters  where Freddie was enchanted by the patterns the shadows made on the stone floor and kept waving his little starfish hands trying to capture the sunbeams!  He was of course completely oblivious to the famous symmetry of the Scissor Arch as he was totally transfixed by the sight of … the Cathedral Cat!  Who is indeed a most beautiful pampered feline whom we spotted contentedly sunning himself in the middle of the nave.  Freddie simply had to get out of his pushchair to say hello, though I regret say that the cat was not at all impressed, simply strolling away as Freddie tried very hard to make friends – still I guess that’s cats for you!  Better luck next time Freddie!

Then my super-busy week ended yesterday with a trip to the Bristol Hippodrome with Rosie to see one of our total all-time favourite shows (I think I first took her when she was about 9!!)

Yes – Joseph!!  We had a great time singing along – I don’t think we knew all the words, but certainly a lot of them!  And that was my week.  Grandma Daycare re-opens tomorrow, so no rest for me! Still, I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Awww so sweet! Yes that’s a cat for you! And, some trivia for you, did you know Donny Osmond performed first in that musical? At least in the US. (I think lol!)


No I didn’t Valerie! thanks for that, I will remember in case it ever comes up in a quiz ???????? xx


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