Spring at HQ and the May Magazine

Spring (which seemed to be on hold, due to the unseasonably cold, dreary weather we’ve been experiencing here) has finally returned. It seems that almost overnight some giant hand has taken a paintbrush and swept a wash of fresh vibrant green across trees and hedgerows, whilst the garden is exploding into colour around us. The daffodils may be coming to an end, but we have tulips, wallflowers, forget-me-nots, cherry and pear blossom and much more besides.

Work continues on our shepherd’s huts, and I’ve had to put my embroidered quilt project aside for a while to begin painting the interiors and measuring up ready to make the window blinds. I will be sure to show you photos when we’re a bit further on. We will be taking bookings this summer too – it’s all very exciting!

Florence has been finding Grandma Daycare very exciting too over the last couple of weeks….

She has developed into an experienced chicken-wrangler, learning to distract them with their favourite treats (particularly broccoli – oh, and also (very) occasionally, spaghetti – who knew?!) before checking the nesting boxes for new-laid eggs. Though our eggs are small, as our chickens are still young, they are super tasty with lovely golden yolks as golden as her grandad’s wallflowers (which they are not allowed to eat), or the dandelions she loves to pick for them – above you can see Clover just about to tuck into the tasty snack!

It’s not Clover though, but Poppy (Florence’s favourite hen) who appears in one of my patterns this month, looking rather agitated as I imagine she must have done (judging by the amount of squawking and clucking coming from the nesting box) after she laid her first egg. This is quite a small hoop, just 4″ and is worked on one of the large fabric samples from Earthytextiles that I have found so good to embroider on. Like so many linens they do fray quite a lot, so I’m always careful to finish the edges with my overlocker (serger) before I begin work.

In the May Magazine this month as well, it’s time to celebrate the Coronation with two royal-themed designs and much more besides….

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