Spring is in the Air

Looking back over my last few posts I have noticed that I do seem to mention the weather a lot. I have two excuses for this – firstly we live in the country so rain or sun, mud or frost does affect our day to day living. It is particularly trying when hen house cleaning time falls on a windy day as all the tiny particles rise and swirl, coating jumper, face and hair, half the garden and probably the ducks that live in the village pond at the end of the lane in a fine layer of hemp bedding!

My second excuse is of course that I am English – and as everybody knows, English people are totally obsessed by the weather! But, after weeks of rain, today has dawned bright and sunny and it really does feel as though spring is in the air.

The snowdrops are all over now, but there are daffodils a-plenty in my garden and in a vase upon my shelf, the chickens are laying more regularly and I have even seen hares (rather like the ones in my Wheel of the Year project above) playing in the field across the railway lines behind the signal box.

The March Bustle & Sew Magazine was published last week, and is full of spring (and Easter) goodness…

We have chickens and bunnies, flowers, eggs and even a flamingo! Florence Flamingo is this month’s archive design and though she’s a decade old is looking just as pretty as ever! If you’re a subscriber then you should already have received your copy, and if you haven’t then please do let me know soonest. If you’d like to subscribe there are details below, or to purchase individual back issues please just click here to visit our website.

I’ll be back next week with lots more news, but for now please do excuse this shorter than usual post – I have a Polar Explorer Cloak and a Burglar Swag Bag to make for Freddie and Florence’s World Book Day outfits next week and I need to get sewing!

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