Spring is on the way

Yes, spring is indeed on the way here in our sleepy little corner of Somerset.  The snowdrops are over now, and daffodils are blooming at the foot of the hedge that divides our garden from the large ploughed field at the side of the house.  Sadly this hedge is not substantial enough to stop a naughty little labrador pup from squeezing his round furry body between the gaps and setting off on an adventure – if he’s not stopped quickly enough that is!   Adventure and exploration are his favourite activities – along with chasing and retrieving his ball – after which a snuggle with his canine “mum” on MY armchair is the order of the day …..

Inca, in contrast, is much better behaved, preferring to “assist” me with my sewing….

Seen here – quite appropriately I feel – with my Pussy Willow Hoop from the current issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine….

All subscribers should have received their copy by now – and if you’re not a subscriber and would like to learn more, then please just CLICK HERE to visit our magazine page.

This month is of course the first issue of spring!  And there’s only one more issue to come before the wedding!!  Preparations are well underway now, with emails flying to and fro covering such various subjects as biodegradable confetti, and car parking at the reception.  I am busy making a few last minute adjustments to my dress, whilst the junior ushers and bridesmaids are almost bursting with excitement.  All we need now is a fine day – please do keep your fingers crossed for me!


Madeleine Kannemeyer

Dearest Helen and Rosie,
Just love your animal children and so very sad that the wedding can’t take place as planned!!
Thinking of you and sending many bubbles of love and strength from a little corner of South Africa.
Madeleine (Kannemeyer) xxx


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