Garden Herbs – and a Unicorn!

I love this time of year in the garden, the fresh spring growth and the promise of pleasures to come in the summer months ahead.  But some pleasures are already here – the sunniest and most sheltered corner of my patch is planted with a selection of my favourite herbs which are growing away vigorously.  The chives are doing well, they’ll be flowering soon – and I’ve already enjoyed some beautiful fresh mint with my new potatoes ….

A lovely seasonal taste of spring.  Herbs feature in the May issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine too as we look at creating a herb garden of your own, making the most of supermarket herbs and even stitch a herbs and spices wall chart for the kitchen ….

This was so much fun to stitch, and I’m considering creating some printed panels featuring this design.  Individual herbs would look good decorating napkins or tea towels too I think.

I’ve also finished a little unicorn softie for the May issue ….

And I do hope you like her.  Rosie is busy putting together some Unicorn kits containing everything you need to make your very own unicorn softie (that’s wool blend felt, genuine Tilda doll’s hair and fabric – and even a needle!) except the stuffing.  We don’t include stuffing in our kits as it’s so easy to find at home (just de-stuff a cheap cushion pad) and including it pushes up the price of the kit and also postage.

Unicorn kits are currently available at a special pre-order discount – just click here to visit the store if you’d like to learn more.


Hi Helen,

I love your unicorn – he’s just so sweet! Would he be suitable for a bright seven year old little girl to make with some help from her Mum, do you think?

I do hope Miss. Daisy has recovered from her rabbit’s ears episode! Ha, ha.

Love to you all,
Diana. xx


Hi Diana thanks so much for your kind comments and yes Daisy is quite over the embarassment haha!! It’s always hard when people ask about children, so much depends on the individual. I think she might need help with adding the main and attaching the hooves but otherwise she’d probably be OK – I think!


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