Stitching Kitty!

I’m not really a cat person, having had dogs all my life, though I must admit that I’m becoming quite fond of one particular feline.  Inca loves to sit next to me purring happily while I stitch, most recently my dandelion hoop for the March Bustle & Sew Magazine..

She is particularly fond of playing with any loose or leftover floss, tossing it hither and thither and batting at it with her paw – until this happened!

Silly cat!


Linda Bickford

I love your new dandelion hoop. It’s such a pretty design, and Inca’s looking especially fetching in dandelion gold!

XX Linda B.


Your stitching is so pretty and clever.Awww,Inca is adorable.I am an Animal person all round.I walk dogs and love cats too,having grown up with both.Hope your pets are all well.


she’s so cute! my kitties are not great stitching companions…they like to grab the floss with their claws and/or their teeth!


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