Photography headaches – come back sun!

It is fair to say that for the last week or so I have been struggling a bit.  Not with sewing of course, that’s something I can never have enough of, but with photography.  This month the weather has been so dull and gloomy I am really struggling to get some good images.  I do have lights, but really love taking my pictures in the workroom. This has windows on two sides that means the light in there on a sunny afternoon is amazing.  But not this month.  Still, there is time for the sun to return – and meanwhile here are the first three projects for next month’s issue that I have managed to photograph …..

There are the first two Christmas(!) patterns for this year – a little Christmas Bear, proudly showing off his antler headband, and my first Advent Calendar for some time – simple patch pockets on a grey felt background.  Again, by the time I’d finished tweaking and fussing, the sun had disappeared so I still need to take a picture of the whole calendar.  Then there’s a new Bloom and Grow hoop.  This is the second, or possibly third, variation of this quote.  I listed the first as long ago as 2012 I think.  Then it was all about vintage florals ….

And I remember sitting in my summerhouse on a couple of afternoons, carefully assembling some of our first kits ever – with a little help from a young Ben!  This Bloom and Grow Hoop is much crisper and cleaner, using only 4 shades of floss and featuring a lovely tropical leaf too – so much more on trend for today.  I regret to say however, that though Ben is a VERY GOOD dog who still loves to help out when he can, his little sister most certainly isn’t.

I finished working on the final September project this afternoon – some lovely painterly feathers, inspired by the wedding of the daughter of good friends of mine.  She is getting married in Northumberland next month and has chosen a theme of tweed and feathers – so I thought Bustle & Sew could join in too …..

I hopped off the conservatory sofa where I’d been sitting sewing all afternoon to take a quick picture of my feathers to show you – and guess who was VERY quick to jump on and take my place?!

Yes, that NAUGHTY Miss Daisy who knows very well that she is not allowed on the furniture.  Still, it’s nice to see her back to her usual mischievous self again.  And I’ll be back at the weekend with a full preview of the September Magazine that’s published next week, as well as details of new embroidery kits, a special offer on magazine back issues and much more besides.  You can check back here for all the details, or why not sign up for our newsletter (it’s free) and be one of the first to hear all our news?  Just click below to join…..


I have a photo of Ben with his head on the table like that. The tables are just the right height! Love to hear Daisy is back to her old self.


They are indeed Julie – and he is also exactly the right height to completely obscure the TV on Game of Thrones evenings here at my house haha!!


Hi Helen,

I LOVE the feathers – they’re beautiful. You are just so talented!

Inky and Echo know they’re not allowed on the furniture but I’m afraid the same thing happens in our house when we’re not looking! It’s difficult not to smile.

Love from all of us to all of you,
Diana. xx


Aw, thanks Diana – I had to spend a while removing black fluff from the felt background before I could photograph them properly haha!! Love to you and yours as well, and tail wags from the Newfies to Inky and Echo xx


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