That moment when …..

Yesterday we all visited the beach at Dawlish Warren, leaving home very early to enjoy the sands before families and other beach users began to arrive.  I hasten to add that I’ve nothing at all against families and other users, but as two of our dogs are very young and bouncy this is much less stressful for all concerned, especially when the dogs in question are rather over-excited at the thought of charging around on the beach and dashing in and out of the waves.  (Daisy of course, having been practically brought up on the beach takes it all in her stride).

It was a glorious morning…..

And the Engineer decided to paddle alongside the dogs….

Yes, that really is Ted in the water – he’s practically as big as Daisy now!  The old lady herself, after a gentle paddle decided to mostly sit and observe…

Whilst the youngsters dashed in and out of the water.  And suddenly – rather suprisingly – after years of trying to take good photos of black Newfies who just end up looking like blobs (they can actually be rather blob-like in real life, especially after their teatime!), I experienced that moment when you suddenly realise that, you’ve taken quite a good photo…..

In this instance, young Rufus captured in mid-leap!  He was definitely living his best life !!  And we had no trouble with the unruly pack on the way home – they were all completely worn out….

Happy days!


Wow what fun they had.
How long does it take you to get the sand out of the Newfies fur?
They look absolutely pooped haha


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