The end of Christmas … and a whole new year ahead

All that planning and preparation, making, mixing and wrapping … lights and sparkle, magic and laughter…. all over in the blink of an eye, or so it seems – although the most wonderful blink of an eye, the time filled with family, friends, and a sprinkling of stardust.

Sometimes I think our ancestors had the right idea, as their Christmas period lasted until Candlemas on 2 February.  Now always seems the wrong time of year to take the Christmas lights and decorations down.  January can feel like quite a long dark month as the days lengthen only slowly to begin with, and a few more days of Christmas would be very much appreciated.  But still, today being Twelfth Night the decorations came down and, to cheer us up, as a special treat, the Engineer cooked  a wonderful English breakfast….

We didn’t have any sausages so I can’t call this a full English breakfast, but it was very yummy, especially with eggs from our own chickens who have so far kept laying all through the darker days.  I was given two more hens for my  birthday last month. They’ll be arriving in February and contributing their eggs to the welcome packs for the visitors to Rhubarb, our shepherd’s hut.

And, now that Christmas is behind us I’ve been picking up the threads (terrible pun!) at work again.  The January Bustle & Sew Magazine was published on 28 December and if you’re a subscriber then you should most definitely have received your copy by now.  If not then please do let me know.  And Alfie has been helping me in my little blue shed as I work my way through the orders for my Country Wheel of the Year panels…

I decided to overlock(serge) the edges of each panel as I always think finishing the edges to avoid fraying is one of the less exciting parts of beginning a new project.  The panels are printed on a nice quality pure cotton fabric that is a pleasure to work with.  I loved stitching my own wheel (you can see it in pride of place on my shelf in the first image), and really didn’t want to finish it.  I shall have to think of another project that takes us through the year in the same way – there are so many birds, flowers and other motifs I would have loved to have stitched but simply didn’t have space for!

Anyway, the Wheel of the Year panel is now back in stock on Etsy and delivery times have returned to normal after the Christmas holidays.  There’s also an option for a fully digital pattern if you’re confident drawing your own circles and transferring the motifs.


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