There’s always one… (again!)

I know I have said this before – on more than one occasion – but I am sorry to have to report that I find myself saying once again that “there’s always one – and it’s always Daisy!” Her life recently has been fairly uneventful.  She does excel in getting in the way and so is often tripped over, but we have become used to that over the years, and then a couple of weeks ago she managed to break her water bowl (don’t ask) but other than that, as I said, her life has been fairly uneventful – until a couple of nights ago.

Spring is well and truly sprung here in Somerset … the pussy willow catkins are almost over now…

though still very pretty – and I can definitely cover more than seven daisies with my foot (a traditional English saying is that when you can cover more than seven daisies with one foot, then spring is here)….

But I digress…Now the warmer weather his here Daisy loves to spend more time outside.  A couple of nights ago Daisy was meandering up the garden in her usual slightly distracted fashion when she stopped dead in her tracks before letting out the loudest, deepest alarm barks I have ever heard, after which she tucked her tail between her legs, fled back into the house and stood at the back door barking madly.  Well, we were surprised to say the least, thinking there must be some sort of intruder, but what could have caused such consternation?  Daisy was absolutely adamant she was not going to accompany us outside to look – whatever it was was clearly far too frightening. So we bravely(!) tiptoed up the garden path – and what do you think we found?

Yes, a huge spiky alien beast!!!  No, not really, a slightly bewildered and definitely rather alarmed hedgehog (they’re less than 12″ long) who was doing his best to scurry off into the hedge.  Daisy was at least 20 times his size – and probably more!  How embarrassed she was when we pointed this out to her (when we could stop laughing long enough to talk!)

She retired to her bed in high dudgeon and remained there in a dreadful sulk for a very long time!  Oh Daisy – it’s true – there’s always one – and it’s always Daisy!


Hee Hee,aww poor Daisy bless her,but then again poor Hedgie.Great story though and as you say it did make you laugh.I’m not really laughing at you Daisy honest.have not heard that saying about Spring,must remember that one.Love the photo of the Catkins.xx


Oh Helen You had me laughing (or should that be Daisy) with your story of Daisy being scared of a hedgehog. One of my boys used to bring them home in his mouth (lots of red bloody spots all around his muzzle) and put them in his bed, pull the blanket over them and then lie on them!!
Such funny antics but so entertaining.
Pleased that Spring is on its way for you. We are heading into Autumn after a very hot and dry summer here in NZ. We’ve had rain on and off for the last couple of days, just enough to soak into the ground and with the warm temps we are still experiencing the grass will be away in no time and the cows will have lots to eat again.
Take care and keep those stories coming 🙂


What a silly dog! I’m not sure why he would want to LIE on a hedgehog though – sounds most uncomfortable! xx


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