There’s always one … and a question too

I think that by now, when I begin a post with “there’s always one” you probably realise (if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time that is), that I’m going to continue … there’s always one – and it’s ALWAYS Daisy!

It was Daisy who got stuck trying to jump a fallen tree and had to be pulled out by her back legs.  It was Daisy who fell off the bridge into the ditch and climbed out covered in mud.  It was Daisy too, whose pet log book wasn’t filled in properly at the vet’s which meant I nearly couldn’t go on holiday last year as her annual inoculations hadn’t been recorded.  (though I don’t think I can hold her responsible for that!)  She has been knocked down by a car, swum into the bank of a lake and sunk, run at full speed directly into a hedge (her vision isn’t that great) and now … has ended up at the vet again.  Not because of any accident or illness, no … because of her TOTAL GREED!!

Yes, that regal-looking creature above is paw-sitively the greediest dog in Oakhill!  Yesterday I gave both her and Ben lovely fresh beef bones – the sort I’ve given all my dogs for years.  Ben was very sensible and settled down on his bed for a long chew.  I was rather surprised when Daisy reappeared after only 15 minutes or so as usually a bone will keep them occupied for an hour or two. But still, I thought nothing of it – until I came downstairs this morning to discover an extremely sad and sorry Miss Daisy who was clearly in a lot of discomfort.  So off we went to the vet … where we discovered that she had been VERY GREEDY. She had crunched her bone into just three or four large chunks and swallowed them entire.  They had then become a bit stuck on the way through her system and were of course causing her problems. The nice vet was able to sort her out though and she’s now well on the road to recovery, having graciously agreed to sample a little chopped chicken earlier this evening.  It will be a long time before I give her another bone though!

And now for my question …. Rosie and I have recently been posting some hints, tips and tutorials to this blog that we very much hope will be useful to other stitchers.  I’ve been asked to put a post together about mounting your finished work in a hoop – I know there are lots of posts out there about this, but still we all have different techniques and ways of doing things, so I think it will be worth doing and hope to post it in the next week or two.  But … is there anything in particular anybody would like to learn more about?  If so I’d love to hear from you – please either leave a comment at the end of this post, or email me direct.   Thanks so much xx


Poor Daisy! I’d love to see a tutorial on making tote bags with a lining as I’ve never been very good at those, and I have a piece of cross stitch ready to be made into a beach bag!


Poor Daisy! Sure hope she has learned a lesson from that.
I remember when my Grandmother use to give to her WoolBear pork chop bones. I always thought it was a bad idea, but she would give them to the dog anyway, no matter how I protested.


Hi Joan, I’ve never given anything but beef bones – and now they won’t be getting those either. We will stick to dog chews from now on xx


Poor Daisy. She looks like a big brown bear. Neighbors dog choked on a toy he chewed up- didn’t make it but cost the $2000. These fur brats. I miss mine- had to put him down almost yr ago – 15 and not doing well.


I’m always sad when I hear something bad has happened to Daisy, but it always makes and interesting story. It sounds like your life would be very dull without her.
I would love to see the tutorial.


Aw, don’t be sad Katie, she’s absolutely fine again now – though she is now on a diet. I discovered when she was weighed last week that she was now 9 stone (that’s 126 lbs), having put on 7 lbs since Easter. I thought she was feeling a bit rounder, so not so many treats for that greedy girl! xx


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