They’re on their way!

Yesterday I filled my shopping basket to the brim – and beyond! – with brightly coloured posting bags each containing either a Spring Lamb or Rosie’s Houseplants kit, then fastened Daisy’s lead and together we walked down to the village post office to send them on their ways all over the world. So if you preordered a lamb kit, then don’t worry, it’s on the way – slightly later than I planned as the delivery of grey floss for their bodies didn’t arrive when expected.  We still have a very few lambs left, and some stocks of other kits too, just click here  to see what’s currently in stock.

And finally … look! There are primroses popping up all over my garden! I’m hoping that spring has finally made an appearance – and is here to stay.


Hello Helen,

I hope you have received my e-mail. Your posting bags are great ! :-))
Thanks again !


Your primroses are so lovely and all that green! As I write this, I’m watching the snow falling outside my window and covering my crocuses completely. I’m afraid it’ll be awhile before I see even my first daffodil. So I must tell you that your beautiful market basket overflowing with flowered packages makes me smile because I know one is on it’s way to me!!!!
X Linda


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