Time to unwind

After all the excitement of the last few weeks, culminating in our wonderful wedding blessing day, both the Engineer and I felt we needed to take a little time out together to relax, so where better to head than off to the beach!  I must admit I do miss living by the sea, but luckily we’re only an hour from the coast, so it’s quite possible to make short visits from time to time.  The dogs were super-excited and loved paddling with their “dad”….

Although Daisy, who is now quite an old lady, soon became tired and sat down by me for a little rest.  She looks very grumpy in this photo – she really didn’t want to have her picture taken….

We were at Dawlish where the sands are red in colour, quite unlike the pale gold further along the coast.  After we’d finished on the beach, it was time to head into town for a bacon butty sitting beside the river….

Dawlish is a lovely old-fashioned seaside town famous for its black swans, though we didn’t see any of those on this visit.  Then home again, a return to busy-ness as we worked hard to erect our party tent ready for the fun to go on – it’s little Florence’s long-delayed (due to COVID) Christening this weekend and we’re all super-excited….

Fingers crossed that the weather will stay fine!

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