Tropical Zebra! New Pattern in Progress

It’s been so cold outside the last few days that curling up and feeling warm and snug on the sofa with my stitching has been even nicer than usual.  There’s something infinitely comforting about being safe inside while the rain lashes against the windows and the wind whistles around the corner of my cottage, along the path and finally wears itself out against the thick stone walls that guard us against the worst the weather can do. Inside all is warm and cosy, the wood burning stove is lit, and Daisy is snoring gently while I work on my latest project.  And this week I’ve been working on another zebra hoop.  You may remember my “Hello Zebra!” design from around this time last year….

Peeping over the top of an oversized hoop he featured in Issue 85 of the Bustle & Sew Magazine and is now available as a kit too.  I really enjoyed stitching the zebra, intrigued by the way I could show the head without any outline stitching, simply through his stripes.  And now, a year later I’m working on a second zebra design…..

Using the same technique, ie using just the stripes to show the shape of the zebra’s head and body.  This zebra is a little different to the first though as he’s turning his head to look out of the hoop – a head which is adorned with vibrant tropical flowers and foliage.  I haven’t yet dissolved away the sulky sticky fabri solvy, which is the non-woven fabric you can see upon which the pattern is printed.  He will be in the next edition of the magazine that’s published on Thursday.  Also in that issue will be the Mini Cactus Planters…..

And thanks to those who responded to my question about offering these as kits.  This does seem to be quite a popular idea so I’m going to try to source some additional vintage reels and will keep you posted on progress.



Hi Helen,

Happy, very belated, New Year to you all at Bustle and Sew. What a wonderful landscape photo at the top of your blog! We get similar misty days here on the Malvern Hills – it’s very magical. I love your new zebra and her flowery top-knot.

Diana – Inky and Echo send woofs and licks to Miss.Daisy and Tilly.


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