Trying something new

September is the time for new beginnings, the start of the autumn term for students across the country, and a feeling that the summer holidays are past and it’s time to get back to work. And so I thought I would enrol for a course to learn a new skill.  I’ve always enjoyed working with text and fonts, and a lot of my embroidery designs feature quotes and sayings.  So when I saw an advert for letter carving in wood (for complete beginners!) I thought I’d give it a go.

There are ten students in the class and our tutor is excellent. I had never even held a chisel in my life before Friday, but by the end of the first session I had produced a row of (slightly wobbly, but improving) letters….


And am eagerly anticipating the next session when we’re carving our year of birth in Roman numerals.  (Yes I really am that old haha!)

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