We all went down to the sea again!

We’ve been having such amazing weather lately, lovely warm (or even hot!) mellow September days that fade into golden-hued evenings and star spangled nights.  Our moving date has been put back by a month but it’s hard to feel concerned here in our forest refuge surrounded by beautiful trees with woodland walks literally a few yards from our door.

Rufus is growing quickly now and loves to scamper ahead on our forest expeditions while Daisy follows at a more leisurely pace.  Here’s a look at the terrible twosome – it was very hard to get them to sit still together for even a few seconds….

Daisy and RufusDaisy is being an excellent big sister, who is very strict, though loving, with Rufus who has to submit to having his ears thoroughly washed every morning and evening!

We took both dogs with us for an afternoon out yesterday when we visited the beach at Dawlish with Freddie and his step-cousins.  We had to walk along the esplanade to reach the dog-friendly part of the beach….

With Daisy in front going faster and faster, so excited to be by the sea again, whilst I brought up the rear, looking out for any stragglers!  Of course there was paddling….

While Daisy took very good care of the smallest human, making sure Freddie didn’t go any further in than was safe (in her opinion anyway!)….

It was a glorious golden afternoon!  And a great antidote to all the IT problems I’ve been experiencing recently. My trusty laptop, on which I’ve prepared every single issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine, decided that it didn’t feel like being quite so trusty any more.  And when a new hard drive was fitted and I thought my problems were over, then that proved to be faulty and stopped working too!  So if I’ve been a little slow responding to queries etc, then please forgive me.  All is now well though, and hopefully we’ll soon be back to normal again.


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Pam MacLennan

What a wonderful family outing for both the human and furry ones.
Looks like a glorious day. Sunshine makes everyone feel so happy. We’re waiting very impatiently for some lovely sunny days after our very wet winter here in NZ.


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