We made it! Settling into our new home ….

Yes, we made it safely up to Somerset and are now beginning to settle into our new home.  (UK readers will understand what a stressful moving day we had as completion didn’t happen until 3.20 pm!)  Oakhill, where the Newfies and I are living now, is a pretty little village about 12 miles south of Bath, with narrow winding lanes  …


That thread between stone-built cottages and their lovely gardens …


There’s a HUGE village playing field at the end of the lane ….


Where dogs (with responsible owners) are allowed – space for Daisy and Ben to run and play – they’ve made some new friends already!

blog01Spotted this fellow spotted high up on a cottage wall – I hope he’s friendly!  As well as beginning to discover the walks around and about our new home, the Newfies have been enjoying spending time in the garden ….


Though quite why Daisy feels the need to sit ON the flowers I do not know!


And while they’re playing I have been busy unpacking and enjoying arranging all the china on my dresser – no breakages at all!  Here’s the view from my laptop where I’m sitting and typing now …


Thank you everyone who sent good wishes for our move – I’m sure we’re going to be very happy here!


That little statue is friendly, he keeps you safe from nasty witches and hobgoblins… The cottage looks really pretty
Julie xxxx


OH! How charming! I’m sure you’ll love your new home and will soon be stitching away in your beautiful garden!
XXX Linda


Hi Helen,

I can relate very much to stressful moving days as, when we sold our house and had to move into a rented house until we found somewhere to move, it took a year so we actually moved twice in 12 months. Not to be recommended with 2 old ponies and a creaky Alsatian! However, your new home looks absolutely beautiful – particularly the garden, with the beautiful Daisy Flower in the middle of the flower bed! I hope you will all be very, very happy in Somerset and look forward to hearing about your adventures as you find your way about the countryside there.

Love to you all,


Hi Helen Ali here!! I hope you settle into your new home! Lovely knowing you and all the best xxx


Oh deep breath now Helen, the stressful time has passed. It all looks so beautiful, just as I imagine an English country village should look like. Time to make new memories for you all now, look forward to seeing more lovely photos of the walks you and the newbies will take. xx


Darling! Daisy is such a character! Beautiful garden, lots of light! Much happiness to you in your new home! Thank you for the photos.

Heather Millson (rabbitquilter)

So glad the move went well and the Newfies have settled in!!! Wishing you, Ben and Daisy love and happiness in your new home! X

Pam MacLennan

It looks beautiful Helen. I am sure you and the Newfies are all going to love living there and exploring the surrounding area. Looking forward to hearing all about your new adventures.


Hi, Helen.
I wish you all the best in Oakhill. I’m sure you will be very happy there and judging by the pics you have the best place for that. I’ll be looking forward to read your adventures in that wonderful place.
Thanks for sharing your life.


Well done Helen! Sounds like the move went OK,hope our move is going well in 3 weeks time. It looks a lovely place to be for you and Ben and Daisy!


Absolutely lovely little village and your new home is just breathtaking. So glad you’re getting settled and the Newfies have claimed their territory. So just one question – will you adopt me? Even though I’m older than you?


I’m afraid not Janice – two newfies and one daughter (plus husband and doodle) are quite enough for me! xx

Angie Burden

Good Luck, health and lots of happiness in your new home to you and your lovely newfie woofers. Ax


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