We only went and got married!!

The Engineer and I had planned to marry in April – but sadly this couldn’t happen due to the coronavirus pandemic.  But, as lockdown began to ease during June we grew ever more excited until at last we heard the news we’d been eagerly awaiting – weddings in England could resume in July!  The date was quickly set for the eleventh and the preparations began!  This was a very simple wedding of course, we were limited to 30 guests (though in the event we had just 12 very special attendees – all our children and grandchildren were there), there could be no music, bells or confetti and everyone  except for ourselves and the officiating priest had to wear masks.  But we could have flowers, and so the afternoon before Rosie and I busied ourselves putting together bouquets and buttonholes….

Using beautiful seasonal blooms from our local flower farm.  The (socially distanced) gathering afterwards had to be outside, so bunting was quickly stitched and chairs gathered from all corners of the house.  I decided not to wear my wedding dress, as we are planning a service of blessing next year with ALL our friends and family present and will have bridesmaids, confetti, music and of course a party and dancing too.  Instead I wore a pretty summer dress….

The sun shone all day (perfect for a small gathering in the garden afterwards), and it was a wonderful day that I wished would never end.  But end of course it did – and the next morning Rosie provided a delicious breakfast for us all….

A lovely end to the celebrations!



Congratulations to you both!!! May this be just the beginning of many joyful years together!

Linda B. XX


You look Beautiful ! And he, handsome! And both so happy ! Congratulations!!

Pam MacLennan

Congratulations Helen and Mr Engineer.
Sometimes the small gatherings are the best, you don’t need to spend mega pounds and organize everything months in advance to have a lovely experience, just your nearest and dearest.

Joy Richards

Helen! What a lovely wedding photo especially at these turbulent times. I know you were looking forward to a different celebration that will come. I live in Victoria Australia and at the moment we are back n lock down. But we will get over it. I have been a magazine reader for a long time and look forward to each month especially now. Stay safe, Stay well, Stay happy.
Reguards Joy Richards.


May God bless you and keep you and give you peace as you trust in Jesus Christ. May you have many many years of bliss.
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage
Southern Missouri, USA


It certainly looked like a wonderful day. I live in Australia and married at about your age (guessing a secret, mine was). I hope all goes well. Thank you for welcoming me to your community with a lovely elephant pattern. Will certainly cheer on a Covid 19 day.


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