What a busy month it’s been!

Like most businesses, no matter their size (and Bustle & Sew is definitely on the small side!) the weeks in the run up to Christmas are the busiest time of year – which is why I’ve been quiet for so long.  Towards the end of November both Rosie and I were busy stitching, packing and generally getting ready for Etsy Made Local in Bristol.  We only attend one event each year and really look forward to it.  We were rather pleased with our stand….

And there are still a couple of Wilderness Bears remaining if anyone’s looking for a late present (though you’d need to be in the UK and order very quickly indeed if you want one in time for Christmas).  You can find them, along with some other homemade goodies in the “Handmade by Me” section of our store.  And as well as the usual canine helpers, I’ve acquired a new feline friend….

Meet Inca!  I’ve never been terribly fond of cats, but she is a real sweetie, though possibly more of a hindrance than a help as she loves to sit on the table next to me as I stitch.  She’s intrigued by the whole process, and loves to delicately pat my floss as it appears on the back of my work.  She and Daisy are great friends, and where you see one, the other won’t be far away!

As well as all this busy-ness at work, I also celebrated my birthday last week….

With a lovely meal out and a chocolate caterpillar cake(!) lovingly chosen by Freddie who will himself turn three very soon.  And I’m already working on the designs for the first issue of 2019, including this cheetah – possibly my favourite so far…..

As even though my age has increased by another year, I definitely intend to “stay wild” in the months ahead!



Oh my gosh, Inka is beautiful too! Cats are so fun! You’re so lucky Inka and Daisy get along. My kitty won’t have anything to do with either of my two pups. Have a wonderful holiday and birthday season!


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