You know Christmas is coming when ….

I know Christmas is coming when …. I receive a lovely envelope through my front door containing a watercolour illustration of this year’s Christmas Newfies! My friend Jacqui (of Flapdoodledesigns) never disappoints, and this year’s is, I think, my favourite yet …


Especially as Daisy was so ill in the spring, and we weren’t at all sure she’d be with us at Christmas.  I know we’re not there yet, but she is doing so well on her medication we’re very optimistic that she’ll be with us this year, and maybe even one or two more to come.  Look out for the terrible twosome publicising our pre-Christmas sale – coming to your computer this weekend!  And meanwhile, here’s a peep back at Jacqui’s 2013 and 14 illustrations ….

XmasNewfies2013two years

I’m beginning to feel quite Christmassy already!


Pam MacLennan

My goodness how talented is your friend Jacqui?? Those illustrations are delightful. She really captures just the right expressions on Ben and Daisy’s faces.
So pleased Daisy is responding well to the medications. And of course we shouldn’t under estimate the power of love, Yours especially, Ben, Rosie etc.
I am sure there will be a few more years ahead yet.


I love Jacqui’s Drawings..they are wonderful and enjoy her newsletter!! And of course Bustle and Sew too!! Glad Daisy is doing well, I know how hard it is when our Fur Babies are ill. Here is a prayer for all the wonderful care and love she is getting to make her well.



Thanks Jan, yes she is so talented. And for your prayer for Daisy too – I’m so hoping she’ll be with me for at least a couple more years (even though she bosses Ben around unmercifully – he’s much larger than her, but just puts up with it!) xx


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