A Lovely Weekend

This Sunday here in the UK (I know it’s different in the US) is Mothering Sunday – and I have been completely spoiled all day.  Sadly Rosie and her boyfriend Dan have gone home to Bristol now, but Rosie made sure I enjoyed all my favourite things – and took some photos for me to show you too ….

We went to the garden centre and saw some beautiful spring flowers- so cheerful and bright on a cold, wet and very grey day here in south Devon 

Garden Centre

 We had lunch too – and a much improved Ben enjoyed all the attention he received from passers-by (Daisy was asleep under the table)

Garden Centre

 There was lots of mother and daughter togetherness and love …..

Garden Centre

 I am so lucky to have such a kind and caring daughter.  

Later on Rosie took some more photos for me … some little softies for next month’s magazine (I’ll show you a bit later this week) and also my new Pin Cushion Mice.  I first uploaded this free pattern more than two years ago, and I’d been feeling for a while that it was time to revise and update both instructions and photos.

Pin Cushion Mice

So I have!  And if you’d like the free Pin Cushion Mouse pattern, just CLICK HERE to download the pdf file.

Finally ….. remember Daisy’s competition in my last post?  The answers are Ben A, D, E and Daisy B, C, F –  well done Monika!




Happy Mothering Sunday, Helen! I’m so glad that Rosie was able to be with you and treated you to such a nice and loving day. Although the weather didn’t cooperate with warmth and sunshine, hopefully Ben (who is looking like himself again. Hoorah!) and Daisy were on their best behavior for your special day.
Thanks for the updated pin cushion mouse pattern! I love those little mice!
X Linda


Glad you had a beautiful Mothering Sunday, Helen! And thank you for sharing your day and photos with us!

Yes, Mother’s Day in the U.S. is always the second Sunday in May. It will be my second one without my mom, Helen.

And p.s Father’s Day is always the third Sunday in June. 😉


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