A pair of lovebirds for you..

I had a very nice email a couple of days ago from a lovely blog follower called Kathleen who had been searching for the pattern for this cushion.  It had gone astray somewhere and she couldn’t locate it anywhere.  As Valentine’s day will soon be here now seemed an appropriate time to upload it once more – this time to my free pattern library.  It’s actually my own interpretation of a vintage embroidery pattern – and you will find the pattern here.

Still on the lovebirds theme – the Owls in Love pattern is one of my own designs, it’s so simple to stitch and just right for Valentine’s day – it isn’t one of my free patterns, but is available to purchase from both my website and Etsy shop.  Just had to include it here .. it’s one of my all-time favourites!
I also had a lovely comment from someone (sorry forgot to note down your name) who tells me they follow this blog not for the stitching, but because they are in love with Ben. I am sure he would say this is entirely understandable, and so on this grey and rainy day I will leave you with another photo taken on Monday’s walk when the day was sparkling and blue, and there was lots of fun to be had leaping around in rockpools..
Ben demonstrating his athletic physique (hmm).  Imagine the splash when 150 lbs of dog came crashing down in the water!


I love Ben too – did you get a picture of the splash……….? I must come and meet Ben!!
Julie xxxxxxxxxx

Christine M

Your lovebirds cushion is beautiful. That's something else I need to add to my 'to do' list!


Ben certainly does have a fan club.

I am always so inspired by every post about your needlework that I see.

Thank you for your generosity in making the Lovebirds Cushion a feebie.


I've got the idea now for a Valentine's gift, now all I need to do is find the time. It's lucky that Ben likes the water isn't it? Our Ruby really can't see the point as yet.


I love the lovebirds design – but when I tried to print it I just got a whole A4 page of black print 🙁 What do I need to do to print your free pattern?



Hi Kate – my free patterns are hosted on Issuu – you have to join to be able to print – but it's absolutely free and completely safe… (very reputable company, checked them out thoroughly before deciding to use them). If after joining you're still having problems, then please contact me direct and I'll email you the pattern.

Hope this helps. Helen x


A lovely interpretation. Thanks, Helen. Your ideas bring lots of inspiration to the table.
Is Ben an 'outside only' dog? I can't imagine the clean up involved to let him inside after a trip to the beach!


What kinda of dog is Ben? Our “Shadow” looks like his twin! We do not know what kind of dog he is. thanks


Where can I can download the Stitch sewing machine cover free pattern please and thank you?


Hi Susie – it’s available for newsletter readers – when you join you’ll receive a download link. Helen x


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